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In high school and for a summer during college, I was employed at Pivotrac in Dalhart, Texas. They are a farm sprinkler monitoring business. It was my responsibility to clean, refurbish, and test the old monitoring units that came in and send them back out. This required soldering, multi-meter use, and extreme attention to detail.

During my junior year at Texas Tech, I obtained an internship from Textron Systems (formerly Overwatch Systems), in Austin, Texas. While my time here was brief, I did contribute to the Army DCGS-A program.

Distributed Common Ground System–Army (DCGS-A)

Distributed Common Ground System–Army (DCGS-A)

Distributed Common Ground System–Army (DCGS-A) provides distributed intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) planning, management, control and tasking; multi-intelligence fusion; and rob…

Immediately after graduation, I started work at L3 Technologies in Greenville, TX. I primarily work on the Viewpoint Project.

However, I have also worked on other Internal R&D projects, including writing Java code for web portals, developing Android applications, interpreters for C# and Java communication, and also being a part of the MC-12 project.


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